Who we are


Mad Yeast was founded in May 2013 when two Belgian Brewery engineers, Denis Martin and Maxime Libouton, decided to get together to share a common passion for craft brewing, technologies and fermentation of all kinds!

Max and Denis met during their studies of biotechnologies and fermentation engineering at the Meurice Institute in Brussels. During these years of hard work and good times their friendship grew along with their enthusiasm for good and tasty beers.

Around two years ago, after spending a good evening and coming back home late in the night, Denis decided to call Max… who was deeply asleep: “Max!!! We should have our own brewery!” And this is how it all started 😉

Both of them are working in the brewery industry when they don’t work for Mad Yeast. Denis works in Copenhagen designing brewery installations around the world. Max has been working in Brussels for a brewery lab offering research work and consultancy to the brewery industry, having the opportunity to play with beer ingredients every day.

“Mad Yeast” is another way to be related to “wild yeast”, which are very present in many Belgian speciality and tradition. “Mad” is also an in-house joke about their two first names, Max and Denis! But to be very honest, it is no secret that these guys like to add a hint of madness to their life and it is perceptible in their beers…

For the moment they are acting as “gipsy brewers” in a Belgian brewery, until they get their own.