Triple Mad


The style of this beer is a Belgian Triple : a strong blond ale (8% abv) with a great body, balanced bitterness and complex aromas brought by the yeast. Be careful! Despite its 8% alcohol it is pretty easy to drink. It is brewed with several special malts and three European hops from Germany and Alsace also used during dry hopping to get that extra hint of freshness on the top of the phenolic aromas brought by the yeast.


Mad Saison


Saison are known to be very dry due to a very high attenuation thanks to a specific yeast strain. The  MAD saison is low in alcohol (5,5% abv) with a quite present bitterness which makes it a very thirst-quenching brew! Three cereals are used as well as four hop varieties, one from Germany, two from Alsace and an american one for spiciness and fruitiness. Like most wild yeast, our season strain produce a reasonable amount of phenols which match perfectly the fresh hop aromas brought by the dry hopping.


MAD Stout


Beside the pale malts our stout is brewed with several  roasted malts of different cereals, The combinaison of those offers a wide range of coffee and chocolate flavours. We combined it with european hops adding orange and floral notes and selected an English type of yeast to get closer to its origins. Don’t get intimidated by the color, the dryness and roasted aromas makes it a great refreshing drink.